A big favorite for chocolate lovers who need to satisfy a quick craving while enjoying the balance of something sweet and salty all at the same time.

    • Important Note For All Orders

      Our products use NO PRESERVATIVES, for maximum freshness we encourage you to choose a faster delivery method.  Cookies have a shelf life of up to 7 days at room temperature - they will stay fresher much longer if stored in refrigerator. 

    • A Note on Order Shipping:

      Cookie orders placed on Friday will not be filled or shipped until the following Monday.  That way your cookies don't spend the weekend in a warehouse.

    • Specialty Sleeves Only Available for One Dozen Box

      At this time, we are only able to provide the specialty sleeves with our one dozen packaging.  All orders of two dozen cookies will be packaged in our classic kraft colored box with ribbon-picture of this packaging is available under the "Gifts" tab.